My web site is really part hobby and part business.    Sure I would like to sell copies of my photos, but I also enjoy having people see what I have done.   Imagine standing alone some place and seeing some incredible  sunset or special animal and wishing other people could also see this wonder.    I know it is not the same as the real thing, but a picture is worth a thousand words and so I take pictures.

As to the business question.

I will sell any of these pictures and I also do contract work for photos of whatever you might want.    I can print up to 13 x 19 inch  photos.   I have sold pictures at these price levels.    

11 x 14...............$20           13 x 19...............$35

Larger prints are also available by using Reeds Photo, a company in Denver Colorado.   The prices depend on the size of the print.    If the item is to be mailed I charge what it cost to mail it and the cost of packing the item.

Other business

I will do on location photos of people, pets, flowers, trees, collections, storm damage, vandalism, events, and other needs as requested.    I do not do Weddings.    I can provide the images in the form of files on memory cards, CD's, or prints.

Please email for info: 

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