At 10 p.m. on August 29, 2013    -     I got an email and it went as follows.

Hello Steven

My name is David Smith I am a set decorator working on a 20th. Century Fox film called Gone Girl.   The movie stars Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry among others and is directed by David Fincher.  

 I saw your beautiful photographs and presented them to the Production Design team.   We all feel that we would like to use them in our movie.   Especially if we could have them printed in black and white.   I am writing to ask you if you would let us use the images in the film.

At first I thought the email was some sort of joke.   After I did a Google search I found out that David Smith was an Emmy nominated Set Decorator and that Oscar winner Director David Fincher was coming to Cape Girardeau to make the movie.    It was real.    I said yes.   The biggest yes I have said in years.

The  photographs you see here are the ones that were chosen from my web site by 20th Century Fox in September of 2013 for a movie they were making in Giant City State Park in Illinois at the park lodge.      The photos originally  in color were changed to Black and White.   Copies were also printed in California for use while filming on the sound stage.  

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